OHLO: Basic Offshore Helicopter Landing Officer

This course aims to provide knowledge with training for delegates to competently perform the helicopter landing officer role on an offshore installation.

Approved by TPTI

OHLO: Basic Offshore Helicopter Landing Officer

฿39,100.00 2 days

Course Overview

During the course participants will gain knowledge of safe helicopter landings and take-offs, safe heli-deck operations, safety of all personnel, emergency response procedures and refuelling procedures for offshore helicopters.

A TPTI approved OHLO course (or approved equivalent) is a legal mandatory minimum for anyone performing helicopter landing officer duties offshore in the Thai oil and gas industry. This certificate forms part of the Thailand national competency standard.

Who should attend

This course is designed for all personnel designated as an helicopter landing officer and responsible for routine and emergency response operations.

Physical and Stressful Demands

Training and/or assessment activities contained within this Standard may include physically demanding and potentially stressful elements. All personnel who participate in such activities must be physically and mentally capable of participating fully.


  • Valid in-date OPITO BOSIET/FOET /HUET or TPTI BOST/FOT or recognised equivalent.
  • Valid in-date OERTM, FOERTM, OERTL, FOERTL or a suitable alternative certificate recognised by TPTI.
  • Valid in-date VHF Radio certificate.
  • Valid in-date offshore medical (Valid within 12 months)

Course Outline

By the end of the program, participants will have the knowledge to identify, list, describe and/or demonstrate;

  • Helicopter Landing Officer’s Responsibilities
  • Helicopter Operation Hazards
  • Helideck Layout and Equipment
  • Helideck and Equipment Checks
  • Helicopter Communications
  • Helicopter Operation Procedures
  • Recommended Check Lists for HLOs
  • Helicopter Loading / Passengers and Freight
  • Dangerous Goods and Airfreight
  • Helicopter Safety and Emergency Procedures
  • Helicopter Identification
  • Re Fuelling Procedures


TPTI certificate. Validity 2 years.


Written & Practical Assessments


Coffee Breaks, Lunch, Handouts, Local Transportation.

Schedule, Class Size, Locations

Weekly Schedule:
Monday – Tuesday
Wednesday – Thursday

Min/Max Class Size:


  • Laemchabang near Pattaya
  • Songkhla, South Thailand